Monday, August 27, 2012

Tricycle Diaper Cake

Everyone seems to love tricycle baby shower diaper cakes for some reason.  I guess it is because they are so unique and different than most people have seen.  Without further adieu, here are instructions on how to build your very own tricycle diaper cake!

How to Make a Carousel Diaper Cake

For those of you wanting to try making a baby diaper cake a different way to change it up, try this carousel diaper cake how to.  Best case you learn something new; worst case you take it apart and go back to your old ways. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Motorcycle Diaper Cake [How to Video]

Just found a cool video tutorial on how to make a motorcycle diaper cake.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Baby Diaper Cakes?

We wanted to start the first post to explain why we love baby diaper cakes and think they make a great gift for baby showers.  In fact, diaper cakes make a great gift for any parent-to-be.  This is why:

Diaper cakes are unique
Every mother-to-be wants her baby shower to be enjoyable - not only for her but her guests too!  Not all baby showers have diaper cakes, but when they do, people flock to them to take a closer look.  In other words, people love them and often talk about them long after the shower has ended.

Diaper cakes are beautiful
Women love beautiful things like clothes, jewelery, and babies.  Baby diaper cakes are astetically pleasing to the eyes.  The best part is that they are fully customizable.  Mix and match bows and ribbons to go with your exact shower theme to tie it together with the event.

Diaper cakes are practical
Babies use up to a box of diapers each week for almost 2 years.  That is a lot of money.  Most diaper cakes are made with swaddler diapers and contain enough diapers to last about 2 weeks.  Plus most new parents underestimate how many diapers they will actually need - I know I sure did!  Thank goodness we had spare diapers lying around or we would have needed to go to the store more often in the first months.

So that is why we believe diaper cakes are so great for baby shower gifts and think you should too!